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The space and materials in A High/Scope classroom are carefully arranged to promote active learning. Each class is divided into interest areas organized around specific kinds of play including a block area, house area, toy area, book area, computer area and art area.  Our large indoor gymnasium and outside play areas provide ample space for play in any weather.




Outside Play Areas
The outside playground is divided into three separate areas with age-appropriate toys. Toddlers (and babies) love to play and explore in their very own playground! A large sandbox and soft astroturf provide a safe and wonderful play area for these little ones outdoors. The spacious Preschool playground offers everything from a huge sandbox to play houses and climbers to an incredible covered play system with 3 slides! The children love to take turns riding tricycles around the perimeter. The School Age play area features a large, heavy-duty fitness center, a huge oak tree to climb on, a wobbly bridge, and lots of room to run around and play.


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